We are currently searching for new ESC-volunteers for the time between February 2022 and January 2023. The position is open for anyone who is:

  • An Eu-resident
  • 18 to 30 years old
  • Ready to volunteer for one year
  • And interested in protecting nature.

If you are interested in participating, take a closer look about the project and how to apply in our info pack!

But what is this ESC? ESC is the acronym of European Solidarity Corps which is a project run by the European Commission that gives young Europeans a chance of volunteering abroad. While doing so, the volunteers will help local communities and deepen their individual strengths. The program covers all the costs to enable everyone to participate. Additionally, the topics of different projects have as much variety as imaginable. From helping in nurseries, on farms, in local exhibitions or youth centres to volunteering for nature, which is the area volunteers at Hnutí Brontosaurus specialise in.

Hnutí Brontosaurus is one of the hosting organisations and has plenty of experience working with (international) volunteers. Protecting nature, organizing events and camps, educating about volunteering and historical monuments are the main topics of this project. If this interests you, it might be ideal for you. While your stay in Brno, Czech Republic, you can expect to have trainings and more generally opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge. And after your project every volunteer will get a certificate, the so-called Youth Pass.

Call for volunteers