The Way Of Empathy

Youth Exchange

Are you interested in learn NonViolent Communication and embodied learning? Share more than a week with a group of young people from different countries and improve yourself with The Way of Empathy! This project will take place in the beautiful Kapráluv mlýn in Czech Republic, and it is funded by the Erasmus+ program.

The way of Empathy: an Embodied NVC Retreat for Youth (funded as an Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange), aims to promote empathic presence among youngsters in their own lives and their practical tool for self-awareness and conflict transformation, this project focuses on promoting inner change and ultimately social change through empathy and compassion.

What goals can you expect to achieve:

  • Have the inner tools to connect compassionately with themselves by understanding their own emotions and their shared human needs
  • Learn how to empathically connect with others even under conflict situations
  • Understand the principles that will allow them to create spaces of acceptance and authenticity within their relationships
  • Have inner tools to access their body awareness and understand their inner state better
  • Be able to use their bodies and senses to start the process of self-connection
  • Have new tools that can foster dialogue in their lives and in relation to their community

If you are interested don´t forget to stay tuned for more information and updates of the project!

Future Activities

We are planning some intersting international activities for 2022. There will be short term volunteering programms for 20 participants as well as youth exchanges and training courses. You will find all necessary information here and on the offical Website (in Czech).