Education of eco-educators

We teach how to organize volunteer events for nature together with environmental education and self-development.

Brontosaurus method

We activate, involve, train especially young people who want to organize meaningful volunteer help for nature, landscape and the environment. We teach them how to connect volunteering with experiential learning, non-formal education and environmental education. We offer them support and mentoring program.

The project offers

  • methodologies and support for the organization of volunteering and education events
  • methodologies on specific care of nature
  • and adaptation measures to climate change
  • courses for beginning volunteer organizers
  • eco-educators and youth workers
  • mentoring program for new organizing teams
  • thematic courses on specific care of nature
  • database of locations for voluntary care

For almost 50 years Brontosaurus Movement has been giving young people the opportunity to develop themselves, organize events, build a relationship with nature and help the environment around us.

The project was supported by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.