Challenge: Na přírodu nekašlu

Whether you are stressed, feeling sad, or perhaps enjoying a blissfully peaceful day, nature has a way of making every moment a little bit better. Sometimes it is a shade provided by a tree on a hot day, sometimes a simple flower or a butterfly making you appreciate nature’s wonders for a moment. Nature brings us inner well-being as well as space for us to get our strength back. Now more than ever. Let’s give it back to her in a good way! But how?

The answer? Even small things make sense. To help you find those small things you can do, Hnutí Brontosaurus offers a challenge – Na přírodu nekašlu!

By doing a simple Google search or visiting one can easily get ideas for all kinds of ways to help nature. Whether it is by planting trees, picking up litter in places you visit, providing food and/or water for birds, or maybe building an insect hotel, you can choose from various ideas provided by others and even contribute your own. Every effort will be appreciated by nature and people.

Getting involved is simple: choose an activity, realize it, and share a photo with the hashtag #naprirodunekaslu !

Share with us how you care about nature!

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