One of the newest projects of Hnutí Brontosaurus – Lužní park Krče – is about to become reality!

We found a magical place that is home to many species of plants and animals. However, this place will lose its uniqueness if we do not take care of it. This is how our new project “Floodplain Park Krče” was created. A piece of lively and diverse landscape that will be a place for nature and people.

Area of future Floodplain Park Krče

The first step of our project is fundraising campaign to collect the funds for the gradual purchase of land from the original owners. The targeted amount was 125 000 CZK and it has not only been achieved but even doubled thanks to generous donation from Nadace OSF.


With this money, we will buy parts of the land and start the work with our volunteers! With further support of donors, we are planning to gradually redeem the remaining land and expand the park area.

Future Floodplain Park Krče

The work will start with saving the place from invasive plants and caring for meadows, which will include building ponds and wetlands, creating new shelters for animals and planting native varieties of fruit trees. Next, we will open the Floodplain Park to the public and create an educational trail that will guide visitors through the beauty of the floodplain landscape and show them different ways of caring for nature.

You can help out by donating or by volunteering, so join us and support the creation of Floodplain Park Krče!

In anticipation of Hnutí Brontosaurus’ golden anniversary, we have decided to remember all the important moments that have marked half the century of its existence and hard work.

“Action Brontosaurus” (a batch of ten tasks concentrated on environment education) kicked off in 1974. However, preparations for it have started in 1972. Since then, years of hard work done by over a thousand members of Hnutí Brontosaurus have made a mark in Czech Republic and even abroad. Therefore, once a week for the next fifty weeks, we will summon the memory of one significant achievement that helped make Hnutí Brontosaurus what it is today. Let’s start!

SEVER Horní Maršov

First on the list is certainly the establishment of one of the biggest and most famous eco-centers in Czech Republic – SEVER. The beginning of the Rýchory Centre of Environmental Education and Ethics SEVER dates back to 1994. Since then, thousands of children, students, teachers and visitors from the public have passed through it.

Additional branches were gradually added to the original ecocentre in Horní Maršov. In 2013, a great reconstruction of the former rectory in Horní Maršov, where DOTEK Environmental Centre was built, was completed.

For over 25 years SEVER has been supporting environmental protection and creating interesting publications and educational materials. In particular, it offers great courses, seminars, conferences and educational programs in the field of environmental education and training. Not to mention various partnerships in international projects, including Schools for Intelligent Energy Use, The Elbe River and Student Climate Conferences.

For all the effort they have put in and differences they have made – thank you!

Whether you are stressed, feeling sad, or perhaps enjoying a blissfully peaceful day, nature has a way of making every moment a little bit better. Sometimes it is a shade provided by a tree on a hot day, sometimes a simple flower or a butterfly making you appreciate nature’s wonders for a moment. Nature brings us inner well-being as well as space for us to get our strength back. Now more than ever. Let’s give it back to her in a good way! But how?

The answer? Even small things make sense. To help you find those small things you can do, Hnutí Brontosaurus offers a challenge – Na přírodu nekašlu!

By doing a simple Google search or visiting one can easily get ideas for all kinds of ways to help nature. Whether it is by planting trees, picking up litter in places you visit, providing food and/or water for birds, or maybe building an insect hotel, you can choose from various ideas provided by others and even contribute your own. Every effort will be appreciated by nature and people.

Getting involved is simple: choose an activity, realize it, and share a photo with the hashtag #naprirodunekaslu !

Share with us how you care about nature!