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About Us


Mosaic of international events in Czech Republic and abroad!

Hnuti Brontosaurus is a group of predominantly young people under 26 who are not indifferent to the world in which they live. Therefore, they combine meaningfulwork for nature, historic objects and people with unconventional experiences and fun. They are independent and open to new ideas. Thousands of volunteers set out each year to mow orchid meadows, plant trees, repair castles, or build a school in the Himalayas, to name just a few of the activities.

Hnuti Brontosaurus has been here for almost forty years now; its successes are visibleits goals are clear, and it has more than 1,000 proud members who support it. These members elect their leaders – it is simply a team effort where friendship and trust are equally important.

Everyone who wants to be a member of a respected non-profit organization can take part in the activities of one of 30 core units that operate in the whole Czech Republic, or become a membera volunteer, or a supporter of the Hnuti Brontosaurus.

We help both in the Czech Republic and outside its borders – you can see our work in foreign countries as well. Apart from regular volunteers meetings and workshops organized in cooperation with our international partners, we currently run few international projects. We are building a school in the Himalayas, marking hiking trails in Carpathian Ruthenia, or helping our fellow countrymen in Romanian Banat and more.

In what activities can I take part?

Volunteering abroad – Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Himalayas etc…
Short-term and long-term projects abroad (European voluntary service, seminars, study visits and other Erasmus+ projects)
International trainings and experiental activities in Czech Republic
Multicultural weekend events in Czech Republic

What can I experience?

With our little help to contribute to a better life in the less developed areas. To travel while doing something useful for the people and the world around.
Get to know the local culture and tradition – to hear the stories of denizens, learn the local customs, sing at work folk song, dance in the village.
Try traditional crafts, taste the typical culinary delights and learn how to cook, sleep on hay or under the stars, to bake bread.
Experience nature at first hand, meet the challenges of the mountains, admire the picturesque countryside, explore the places that are not on the map.

Our donors

Erasmus+ Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí