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Our volunteers

Every year Hnuti Brontosaurus accepts volunteers from different countries.  For us it is a great experience to meet new youngers in our team and share amazing stories with each other.

This year is fantastic! We have got a very „big volunteering family“.

Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine-is really nice combination. 

Marina is a volunteer from Russia. She is inspired of czech culture and language:)

„I really believe everything is possible if you just believe. I dream a lot, but dreams come true! I love practicing yoga and traveling around the world. Learning new languages is my passion. Also I can’t live without a good take away coffee and a chocolate ice-cream“.

©Marina Okuneva 



I’m volunteer from Ukraine. I love to shoot my trips on camera and make videos out of it. I can`t imagine my winter without snowboarding and summer without camping. My favorite hobby is communication with animal’s world“.

©Serafyma Ostapova


„My hobbies are all kind of sports but mostly a skateboard , and Table football whit friends . I really like mountains and going out in nature,and cooking“.

©Martin Sokolov

Sasha is our volunteer from Ukraine.„I believe, that right communication could save the world. I like travelling, visiting art galleries and listening to the peoples stories“.

©Oleksandra Vlasiuk

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