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Online Courses: great possibility to learn for free


Online courses in the modern world are a great possibility to learn: you can study the subjects which are really interesting to you and listen to lectures from the best professors of the most famous universitites. We chose 5 courses from the most popular online platform Coursera. We chose the courses that are starting soon and may be interesting, useful and inspiring for those who are engaged in environmental issues and want to have a better understanding of natural processes, human influence and what can be done about it.


Introduction to Sustainable Development

Sustainable development – that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable – is a key concept nowadays in any sphere. It has many aspects and challenges, but it is also a method for solving global problems. This course in particularly deals with such topics as poverty, environmental threats, history of economical development and possibility of growth withtin planetary boundaries.

This course is designed for self-pace learning, which means you can start it anytime and there are no deadlines.


How Green Is That Product? An Introduction to Life Cycle Environmental Assessment
Paper bag or plastic bag? Plastic bottle or glass bottle? Local or imported food? Which is better for the environment? For those who want to lead eco-friendly life these questions may seem easy, but in fact their basis is complicated. To understand how green is that product we need to think about production, transportation, consumption and waste management. This course explains how to use environmental analysis for decision making, personal choices and a more sustainable and green world as a result.

The course begins on March, 30 and lasts 9 weeks.

Video introduction:



Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided

It is now clear that the climate is already changing. This course explains the reasons and results of this change, based on scientific evidence and most recent research data. It also offers projections for the 21st century for droughts, heat waves and sea-level rise in different parts of the world, with implications for food and water security, as well as possible impacts on agriculture, water availability, ecosystems and human health.

The course begins on April, 20 and lasts 5 weeks, so it is quite short but gives all the necessary understanding about climate change.

Video introduction:



Forests and Humans: From the Midwest to Madagascar
Perhaps, there is no person in the world who would deny the importance of forests and trees to mankind. Nevertheless we are still cutting them out – so quick it’s already really dangerous. In this situation learning more about trees and sustainable forest management seems essential.


This course offers answers to really interesting questions: “Did you know that thousands of people could have been saved during the 2009 tsunami if mangrove forests had been protected…and that the boreal forest holds 40% of the Earth’s soil carbon…and that only 7% of forests are “rain forest”, but this biome holds 50% of the world’s species? Did you hear that big cities like New York and Quito are mandating forest protection to save their cities water supply?”

The course starts only on September, 30, but we are already looking forward to it!


Social Entrepreneurship

The last course that we chose is not, strictly speaking, environmental. Still we consider social entrepreneurship a very important part of sustainable developmet, as well as a powerful tool for social change.

This course suggests introduction to social entrepreneurship examples, guidance through the process of identifying an opportunity to address social problems as well as outlining your idea in a business plan.

Video introduction:

Text: Maria Gulina

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