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How to spend your summer: Brontosaurus camps

Summer is the perfect time for traveling, getting closer to nature and meeting new people. Brontosaurus gives the possibility to combine it all with wonderful new experiences and helping nature and people. So if you still have doubts about going to a camp, here I will share my experience about two of them.

HeuHoj camp – Nature knows no borders

The first one was czech-german HeuHoj Camp, and the first exciting experience was standing on the exact border between the two countries without seeing any actual border at all. The camp itself was dedicated to mowing mountain meadows on both sides of the border to give space for rear flowers to grow. Both czech and german people took part in it, which seemed only logical: after all, nature knows no borders.


Apart from work, the camp had a lot of other activities, including excursions, language animation and – most exciting – HeuHoj Fest, one day festival prepared by the participants in the village which lies exactly on czech-german border.


So this included language workshops, tasting cakes made by neighbours, listening to church mass in two languages (with heavenly beautiful choir singing) and seeing a theatre play in two languages – and that was a real masterpiece. I was truly amazed: talented, colourful, funny and somehow combining two languages in one centence, sometimes even in one word, givig to a german root grammatical czech ending.


Meanwhile we had a Brontosaurus ecotent and at one moment I found myself chatting happily with german people explaining them about Brontosaurus movement and what it’s doing. All this multilinguistics created a funny mixture of english, german and czech in my head. To tell the truth, I liked it.


Beskydské řemeslné senobraní – do it with your hands

With a small break we went from the czech-german border to czech-slovakian border, to Beskid mountains. The idea of this camp was pretty the same: cut the grass in the meadow to give rare flowers, including orchides, space to grow.

I listened to the stories about this meadow, the stories of almost 10 years’ work, and was amazed by the results. Beautiful meadow, a lot of beautiful flowers with sweet smell – and a lot of beautiful people.

We cut the grass ourselves, but that was only a part. So what else could you do in Beskid mountains? Eat blueberries and colour your face, paint a picture and sing songs after dark, drink cold water from the spring and look at the stars till your neck hurts, cook a soup and make copper earings, learn a song in another language and bake your own pizza in the middle of the night… build an oven and give it a name.








This, by the way, was a truly magical ritual, with drums playing, saying good wishes and seeing how fire burns them.

It was amazing, doing all these things with your hands, and even more amazing to get to know all the wonderful people. I feel myself really lucky to be in these places.


Text & Photo: Maria Gulina

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