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How to be a tree friend?

How to be a tree friend? People from nine countries gathered in one eco-centre in a Czech village of Velke Pavlovice to figure that out. So we had a week of super-intensive training – and here are some advice on being a tree friend.

1. Know your tree!

We have learnt a lot about tree species – how to recognize them according to their trunk and leaves, what are the best conditions for them and which trees are champions. For example, could you imagine that the oldest pear is 400 years old? Moreover, get to know the signs of a healthy or ill tree, so that you can always evaluate its condition.


IMG_76112. Feel your tree!

Use the methods of deep ecology – close your eyes and feel the uniqueness of a tree – its shape, the smell of the bark… pretend you are a camera – open your eyes and “make a photo” of this unique moment.
IMG_7745 3. Taste your tree!   Get to know more about the old fruit sorts from your country. In supermarket they look all the same, nice&round, and taste all the same, too. But there is such a variety! Make a degustation and try to guess which sort is that – mild, spicy and smelly.



4. Protect your tree!

Dive into the complicated but all the same necessary area of environmental law. Under what conditions can a tree be cut down? What to do to prevent illegal tree-cuts? Create an algorithm for emergency actions!

5. Plant your tree!

Ok, so now you know the theory – time to go in the field! Get your hands to the ground, make a nice hole, protect the roots, use the ties to keep your tree growing straight, use the fence to protect for the first period – and don’t forget plenty of water. And, of course, good spirit and good wishes for your tree.


6. Plan your trees!

Don’t stop at that point – plan further actions! Be it a planting of a new park, reforestation of a natural area, an urban garden, a collection of tree myths and legends, a camp for children dedicated to nature protection – everything is good for spreading the idea of tree friendship!



So that as mainly what we did during this week – and I really do hope that these experiences and ideas will multiply into new projects – and new trees.



Text & photos: Maria Gulina

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