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Fresh news from visa issues

Today I will tell you the secret of how to be left next to the trash bins with your 2 suitcases on some grey road waiting for a person that you don’t know. It will be a bit long but let’s go!

One of the biggest problems that I have in my life right from the day of my birth is that I am the citizen of the Republic of Armenia… Sounds rude to my country, doesn’t it? In real the thing is that when some very important people were deciding is my country in the Europe and especially in the European Union or in Shengen zone somehow they decided that we shouldn’t be in that priority circle and now when a person will take my pass to look through it s/he won’t see the outstanding history, cultural heritage and innovations, historical monuments and unique discoveries of my country, but there will be only one criteria to judge: is there a Shengen visa or no?! Isn’t it nice?


I will skip the part with the difficulties of applying process for getting the Shengen visa which for the people from our region seems something very sacral and open for only some certain wise men that will transfer that wisdom through the dusty ages of our history only to their sons and grandsons and no one from outside of that chosen family will be able to do it ever. But with some transcendental power I could get the visa (that is valid till the 3rd of August 2015 it means that if not already on the 3rd at least on the 2nd it is valid by the way).

After collecting 1o days unforgettable, bright, sweet and happy memories in Bulgaria and Greece I was already in Sofia, said goodbye to Kiril, was on the road from Sofia to Brno in the bus and already “planning” to miss that days when suddenly the bus stopped and the stewardess came to me asked to show my passport once again and told that I need to go out of the bus because my visa is not valid. Honestly I was trying hard to understand why and even harder to explain that I won’t cost them any kind of problem on the border… but they knew better!!! After re-contacting their boss I was kindly asked to get out of the bus with my Armenian passport and was left literally right next to the trash bins and I was told that their boss will come to pick me up there and will try to see what is possible to do. And for sure as in classical movies I was trying to call Kiril and at the same time he was calling me so we couldn’t call each other in total of 1 minute maybe but which seemed to me an endless century and already I was caught by the idea of calling him so much that I totally forgot that I was waiting for some woman that I don’t know.

And again as in a movie I was hopeless sitting on the pavement with the nice smell of the trash, a nice cooling wind was blowing and mixing my hair when a yellow taxi appeared and took me to the destination. There it turned out that on the Hungarian border the agency that I was about to travel with recently had a problem with some Albanian man and because of his visa issues they had to pay 14ooo euro and from their faces it was seen that they would prefer not to pay the same amount for me and already they were not interested that I CAN travel with my visa without a problem and even if in Hungary will check me till my primary school (before that I am not sure) they would’t find any problem and reason not to let me cross the border. The reason why they were afraid was that from the embassy they were told that I need to have 3 months of valid visa (in that case they shouldn’t let me even enter Bulgaria because that was only 1o days before when I crossed the Hungarian-Serbian-Bulgarian border). I tried to explain that there are people who get visa only for 6 or 10 days how they imagine it, but they were already told that I will be dangerously explosive person for their agency and they just reimbursed my money and told good bye.

We went to another bus company that again refused to take me telling that no one will RISK to take me with their bus. And until I was trying to understand what can help in this blessed situation when one woman came, took my luggage and I found myself already sitting in one small room and one woman trying to find bus for me. Later it came clear that the only way to go back is the plane (the “hidden message” coming out from that woman’s intonation sounded that maybe in the airport they will be more stupid to let you travel, but with the bus?!- no ways!!!). So we didn’t have another option!!! And again as in the most catchy movies we had only one hour to reach to the plane and for helping us the first woman came with us to show the shortest way to the airport (one thing was bad that in the movies usually there are some traffic jams, crashes, red lights but we didn’t have them so maybe you can imagine how upset I was to get to the airport without a problem and on time).

The girl that was checking me in was Kiril’s friend and as it should be friendly told am I sure that I can fly because tomorrow my visa expires and again she told that I need 3 months valid visa and again I told that there are people that get visa for 6 or 1o days but this time people were more informed and it wasn’t a nonsense for them that if my visa expires TOMORROW I still can fly TODAY and in contrast of the “bus people” they didn’t tell me that I can’t go from their country and at the same time I need to prolong my visa. But that girl said good bye wishing good luck and HOPING there won’t be any problem and they won’t deport me to Armenia. I understood that maybe there can be even possibility to meet my family in Armenia exactly on 2nd of August in case they would like to deport me and already in my mind kissing my mom I went upstairs to give my passport on a mercy of the passport controlling employee. That woman was so nice to ask so many details about me, my stay in Czech Republic visit to Bulgaria and so on but at the end she let me in. I was happily walking to the gate B9!!!

After landing in Prague I felt myself safe. The man in the Prague airport informed me that my visa expires tomorrow and the strange thing was that I wasn’t surprised to hear that. Finally he also let me go and I was going to metro with my two suitcases that were with me next to the trash bin supporting me in the worst situation as real suitcases.

Already in the bus station Florenc I was so upset that everything is already goo and nothing is happening to distract my way to Brno, but in the end I had a reason to be happy again because on the way to Brno there was a huge traffic jam on the highway because of the reconstruction of the road and when I understood that I will arrive home at least 1 hour late I felt myself lucky that I will have later to tell something more than just boring “and from Prague I went to Brno and that’s it”.

Hope you could find some useful hints for your future journeys.


Shoosh Harutyunyan

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