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EVS: Our first impression


I’m writing this in the bus to Vyškov. I’m on my way to yet another event since I’ve arrived to Czech Republic and this gets me thinking. A lot has happened for just one month of being here. I thought my EVS at Hnutí Brontosaurus will start slowly. I was prepared for the first month to be calm and easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was in a gigantic cave.
I cooked ogórkowa (polish cucumber soup) for 20 people.
I was a French girl looking for a husband at a LARP game.
I slept in a castle. I raked leaves in a castle!
I drunk a beer in a pub with no chairs.
I had Czech language lessons and ‚nerozumím‘ moments.
I tried Georgian food.
I got lost, I got on wrong buses, I missed busses and found so many short cuts by accident.
I co-organized a Halloween party for 30 people.
I was at a photo shoot in a park.
All this in one month.

I really want to see what’s next 😉


Agnieszka & Katya

If somebody told me a year ago that in October, 2013 I would be an EVS volunteer in Czech Republic I would probably stare at him/her, at the beginning just trying to understand what does the word “EVS” mean and after just wouldn’t have believed in it for any money. A year ago I didn’t know what EVS means, I didn’t have any clue that I might leave home, family, everything to come to the other country, for travelling, for volunteering. But you never know what is waiting for you after the next corner, so here I am – a girl from the west of Ukraine in the middle of the east of Czech Republic.

October 12th is a month since I’m here. Month since I haven’t seen my parents, month since I haven’t  talk to my friends live, month since I started working for the NGO “Hnuti Brontosaurus”, meet a lot of new people almost everyday, learning Czech language, trying to know Czech culture and doing thousands of things which I would never expect me to do before.

Brontosaurus autumn

Volunteering in other country when you are young is the one of the best options to get life experience, to meet new cultures, new people, to develop yourself and understand what you want to do in your future. First month in Brno (city where I and another polish volunteer Agnieszka Sapryk and working and living) was full of amazing unexpected moments.

During 30 days we organized three events by ourselves with support of our hosting organization, took part at least at 5 other events, spending weekend in the castle, having photo sessions in the city park for our organization, visited a lot of beautiful places and meeting awesome people who gave us a great examples, inspired us and prove that we made the right decision choosing right country and right hosting organization.

Meeting with Czech culture and Czech people didn’t promise to be very warm and friendly. All of us have their own stereotypes, mine was that Czech people are a cold nation which don’t really like foreigners. I can’t say that I met hundreds of Czechs, I can’t say that most of my time I spend in surrounding of Czech culture, but all of those whom I met are incredibly friendly and welcoming toward me and I really appreciate it.

Being far from home is not the easiest thing if you love your home and have there a lot of very special people but the world is big and the life should be colorful. Discovering the world around might be the most interesting thing, so as EVS volunteers usually say – why not? Let’s try. Everything depends only on us.


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