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Green ways training

Sometimes there is a need to discuss the problems, come up with solutions and struggle to change something by building up a new policy etc. But there are some cases when there is a need just to be in the nature instead of talking about the nature and the issues that it has. To enjoy its beauty and spend a whole week detoxing ourselves from the city life and riotous reality. That is what we exactly did for our “Green ways” training course- we pampered ourselves with one week of nature.

The cozy and lovely locality Svojanov turned out to be a very hospitable one for us but already the road there was a big  challenge for our participants (with 3-4 changes from Brno or Prague) and already the first day we understood- our participants are the best ones, who survived the challenge of Czech roads. The next day visit to the local castle and the horror stories of the Castle Svojanov inspired our participants that much that a wave of jokes started including the parts of the stories and the main characters in them.

The rainy weather and lack of Wi-Fi in certain part of the day were supportive to our work of teambuilding and icebreaking activities even out of the working process. The location made for us possible daily visits to nature, experiencing deep ecology and meditations, outdoor games/activities, that our participants were willing to learn more, to look on different problems that the world is facing now through simple games that later on turned out to be deep conversations about mankind values and passions. We managed to input even a bit of art in our project by letting the creativity to take over our participants and later we enjoyed their impressive land arts.

The cheerful mood and tasty homemade cakes didn’t manage to distract us from the working process as well (maybe just a little bit). The participants were very open to communication, discussion and cooperation between each other. Various activities made us all be gathered around one main goal that made us in the end develop criteria of being “green” and eco-friendly, plan “green events”, discover new means of technology for lessening our daily footprint, finding out the possible solutions for a “green office” and various activities that would influence the kids and would bring them environmentally friendly attitude already from childhood.

After working program activities the “free” evenings were turning out to be quite busy till 1-2 AM when with the initiative of our participants and (in rare cases with our suggestions) we were going through discovering traditions and food of the present countries, comparing the traditional drinks, creating our own bio bags patterns and admiring the talent of our group, inventing and playing games that require simple communication and all that felt so good.

The excitement was on its pick when we had a day out in Brno with tasting of the most traditional dish “svichkova” and local beer. And after the city game started. Later on when we were taking a look on the results it seemed that in our group we had hidden actors, Don Juans, historians and passionate explorers. Just to mention that one of the tasks was to arrange as many dates on the main meeting point as possible and the group called “Fantastic dates” arranged 7 truly fantastic dates with nice flowers bought from the money that they bagged on the street. Shortly- it was worth seeing.

We even managed to enliven Czech “vylet” (trip) that in classical case has to include a heavy rain, catching cold, being hungry and tired, high possibility to catch a tic and for sure looking forward to the bed. But in a contrary with the traditional Czech trip due to our trainer Pavlina we had a unique possibility to collect “Czech diamonds” among locals famous as “Czech pomegranates” and daily there was at least one group of expeditors that were going to take the treasures from the generous nature of Svojanov.

Apart of these all the training course discovered for our participants the local reality and we all got to know that the garlic is the healthiest thing in the world. Our creative group impressed the locals also with their costumes for the farewell party that included character diversity from the sleeping beauty till tics and organic Moravian wine. We made sure that the locals will talk about our group still a long-long time.

The training was organized thanks to the funding of Erasmus+ programme a took place in Svojanov 14th – 19th of July 2016.


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