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Eco-Art training

The ecological and environmental problems are already undeniably shouting out on the world and the mankind sooner or later has to face their irrevocable results. There are various ways to address this issues and let more people know about the upcoming possible disasters if nothing would be changed in our everyday life as well as the global ecological policy in our countries. For our training course from the bunch of ways we have chosen art- as a mean to bring up the problems that our nature and for sure we as well are dealing with nowadays.

Eco-Art training course has gathered around it people from different age groups and different occupations around art and environmental problems. The backgrounds and experiences of the participants were also different and that made the work even more productive, as there was a live learning process even among the participants that gave its very positive impact on the whole process of the training.  The united understanding of the seriousness of the problems that we are facing nowadays made the participants get into the topic easily and present us the situation in their countries, work in groups trying to come out with some solutions for various cases, develop working plans for their own projects in their national groups and create artworks and handmade eco-art objects as a visual result of the whole learning process.

George Michalis Papadopoulos, participant from Greece

“First of all, I would like to clarify that I was somewhat unfamiliar with the subject of ecology. The program successfully manages to address ecological and waste management issues, from which I learned a lot. The knowledge I acquired will be proven quite useful for my professional career as a journalist, due to the introduction of these subjects. The atmosphere there helped people to pursue their personal goals and because of that I had the chance to hone my team working and social skills, which will greatly help in my personal and professional life.”

 The combination of the friendly atmosphere, funny and memorable energizers, “secret friend” game that was running throughout the whole training course and the old-fashioned envelopes made the participants go back to writing real notes and letters to each other, and take care of one another during the whole process of the work. Till the last day we kept the intrigue of uncovering who were our secret friends, and who were the winners of the various competitions during the working and leisure time programs. And just to feed you hungry curiosity: the winner of the main competition city game was the group “Marilyn Monroe”J.

After experiencing the nature through impressive deep ecology workshops and meditations and finding our tree friends, prioritizing our shopping criteria and finding out how art can be connected to the trash and moreover how it can help to solve the problem, we started a common work- creating art objects that would be serving as reminders for the locals what global environmental issues we are facing now and how it can be reduced. We had an official opening of our not-fitting-into-any-format exhibition and during the celebration had the official awards of Oscar-YouthPasses. The celebration that lasted till late at night ended with a close communication with the local reality and society, so that our participant could enliven all the beauty of the Brno-Bronx. They were quite impressed of the locality throughout the whole project.

Mariia Pastushik, participant from Russia

“The strong point of the training was creation a brochure with a translation to our native languages so it will be much easier to spread the ideas we have learned. 
 Group if my country is planning to organize workshops using the techniques from the training, to work on promotion of reusable bottles for water and to run meetings about Erasmus+ program which I plan to support as a coordinator. One of these meetings with Periscope broadcasting was already held by our participant from Chelyabinsk.
 A lot of ideas from the point of how everything was organized might be also useful for our future events – the involvement of local people, printing postcards, creating bags just on the next day the design was made by the participants, etc.
 I also hope to build links with partners I have met at the training and to develop a youth exchange, study visit or just on-line meetings with them.”

And as the training course was a combination of (sometimes) formal, non-formal and informal education, sure the outcome would concern all of them. And due to the informal learning process we ourselves have had a lot of discoveries such as our universe is a potato and making stamps from potatoes requires professional skills and sharp knives, the eyeglasses, PET bottle and a fork can be used for more than 20 purposes (and mainly as weapons), that there are no limits in creating new versions of the name “Shushan” and in the end for deep ecology workshop it’s enough just to have mood for that and some still street (not even trees needed).

The touchy good-byes and promises to see each other in the near future and later on the active conversations, photo and activity sharing in the Facebook group make us understand that the training could be called successful and the network for young people around Europe- created!

The traninig was organized thanks to funding of Erasmus+ programme and took place in Brno 2nd-7th of July 2016.


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