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Eco-Art training

The ecological and environmental problems are already undeniably shouting out on the world and the mankind sooner or later has to face their irrevocable results. There are various ways to address this issues and let more people know about the upcoming possible disasters if nothing would be changed in our everyday life as well as […]

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Green ways training

Sometimes there is a need to discuss the problems, come up with solutions and struggle to change something by building up a new policy etc. But there are some cases when there is a need just to be in the nature instead of talking about the nature and the issues that it has. To enjoy […]

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The Art of Facilitating

  On 21-29 May 2019, we organized the Art of Facilitating training in cooperation with seven other European partner organizations. The week full of new challenges and tasks was simply amazing, which you can read about in the short texts of our participants. The training was co-financed by the European Union Erasmus + program Feel […]

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