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And we were KIMURing!!!

Ahooooooj!!! Here I am again willing to talk about our camps and events throughout the whole summer and I start with the last one 😉 KIMURI!!!


After a crazy busy and full-of-impressions summer “KIMURI” was our last camp. As usual and everywhere me and Masha were sent to make photos and if needed to help with some organizing stuff, but as our experience shows we can’t do something only one and we are going beyond making photos and start taking part in the camp itself, that makes it even more interesting for us. But this time the interesting for me began already without starting the camp when I got to know that I am not going with Masha, but alone?! So far I guess it was the biggest challenge during our working-enjoying process, because I never was responsible for the trips before: Masha is my boss and she is always choosing what road to take and how to reach the destination, and now I am left with the Český Dráhy all alone, where always “vlaky jsou připravený k odjezdů”. I promised me not to bother Masha with my questions what is going where and when but deal with everything alone. And I managed!!! Imagine I wasn’t a hopeless čajnik as I thought before. I even managed to have an alone walk in Lytomišl before reaching my final destination and I was happy to understand that Masha was nicely surprised of my achievement.

So finally I met the guys and once again “enjoyed’’ some Czech person as usual to suffer while pronouncing my surname Harutyunyan and we made ourselves on the road to the eco-center. After I saw the participants’ huge backpacks I understood that though I am trying hard still I am far away from becoming a real Czech because my luggage wasn’t even able to dare to be compared with theirs (I guess they are taking all their stuff with themselves and with some Czech magic putting it into one backpack so that even in the god forsaken island without oxygen to breathe they will just simply take out their balloon with the air and start breathing) and once again I understood: I am so much Armenian yet.

After the first getting-to-know each other evening I started to feel myself old enough (by the way for the first time in my life). The guys and the organizers were among that type of people that I can surely consider to nice, friendly and (by the way also global definition for Czech people) HARDworking. After the first evening I got my Czech name Zuzka! And it was a very strange feeling to hear someone calling Zuzi and that that someone was calling ME. But nevertheless it was a nice feeling to turn from Shusan, Sushi, Sushan, Shusha, Shu-what? into Zuzi that everyone knew how to say and never any of them was mistaken later by calling me.

The one question in the first day for everyone was why I am not working with them and telling the truth I was feeling myself from aside some lazy foreigner that just came for doing nothing but the thing is that I didn’t have “pěvný boty” and after announcement that Jakomo doesn’t want to see “žádný žabky” during the work and combined with my awful fears toward animals and unstandable allergy I understood that the best solution will be to do exactly that what I was there for: make photos, and Ctibor was enough understanding (maybe from my face expression) to give me the camera and ask to make photos.



Soon it turned out that it is not possible to make photos permanently because people are working the same thing and the photos will be somehow similar so I decided to find some work for me not related with the animals: kitchen didn’t need me, organizers also went on without my ideas for the games so I decided to clean the house and later I was allowed to “cut money” for one game. Yes, now the magazine Forbes is interested in me, soon will be in their new journal.

After Masha’s arrival the camp changed at least for me


and I somehow got enthusiasm to work and take part in everything and I started with the coloring the old wheels, later being involved in every game and activity: “working” in Chinese company of producing phones (our team won 😉 ),


selling and buying sheep in the game which rules I understood only in the deep middle of the game :D, cooking in extreme conditions in the mastershef (where me and Masha were forgotten to be attached in any of the groups: pure discrimination of foreigners J) , watering the trees with the shoes that were more that uncomfortable for that job, going into the forest at night time and left there without any light in the place full with butterflies (just to say that I ever saw forest in my life in Czech republic and to say that I am just afraid of forest at nighttime and the butterflies means not to say anything, but sure I agreed to go there and Masha encouraged me and now it is one of the funniest memory how I laid down on the ground and was trying to sleep on the road when we were left without light), learned new song from Ctibor’s playlist and finally discovered some good Czech band that have really nice songs (and due to that I betrayed Tomaš Klus),


got the meaning of the game “s”& “bez” form Bára,


was the bodyguard and by the way only my star stayed alive from the attacks of the terrorists, made good cooperation with Inka and in the end stayed alive as a doctor, had the opportunity to watch the falling stars, myself fell down from the stairs and once again felt myself happy and lucky that I didn’t break my foot or hand and finally… the animals!!!

Don’t want to repeat my attitude towards animals just want to add that in a deep contrast with me Masha almost adores them, so the decision was to give us opportunity to get aquatinted with the animals in the eco-center by giving them water and cleaning their “plates”. It was unforgettable experience (and not always in the best sense of the word “unforgettable”) and as in the song of my favorite animation “heaven knows I tried” confronting my fears, neglecting my allergy and trying to enter into the cage of every animal just to step over my comfort zone. And you know what?! I did it!!! Sharka, who was responsible for that job was herself very much surprised that I myself went to help them. And due to Masha who was supporting me in every creepy situation, it turned out that we were the fastest group that so far worked with Sharka so that we even had time to clean up the animals’ “kitchen” and as a reward we got some fruits from the pigs’ “meal”. Isn’t it nice?

And the last day while saying good-bye I understood that some people really cared that we were there and it gave me some warmness inside when they were telling that it is a pity that we are leaving. I really hope that my last excuses are accepted from Ctibor and the other organizers for being maybe not the most active one, because maybe from aside it can look like one is not doing anything or at least enough, but you will never know phisical and psychological limits of a person. 😉  Thanks for everyone who organized it and once again thanks to Pavlina, the best coordinator in the universe, for giving us that opportunity of having a lot of new experiences in life. 😉

Ha, and by the way, Czech kids are amazing!!! 😉


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